Exporting the Blockchain

If you'd like to have blockchain data set up and hosted for you, get in touch with us at D5.

  1. Install python 3.5.3+: https://www.python.org/downloads/

  2. You can use Infura if you don't need ERC20 transfers (Infura doesn't support eth_getFilterLogs JSON RPC method). For that use -p https://mainnet.infura.io option for the commands below. If you need ERC20 transfers or want to export the data ~40 times faster, you will need to set up a local Ethereum node:

  3. Install geth: https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/Installing-Geth

  4. Start geth. Make sure it downloaded the blocks that you need by executing eth.syncing in the JS console. You can export blocks below currentBlock, there is no need to wait until the full sync as the state is not needed (unless you also need contracts bytecode and token details; for those you need to wait until the full sync). Note that you may need to wait for another day or two for the node to download the states. See this issue https://github.com/blockchain-etl/ethereum-etl/issues/265#issuecomment-970451522. Make sure to set --txlookuplimit 0 if you use geth.

  5. Install Ethereum ETL: > pip3 install ethereum-etl

  6. Export all:

> ethereumetl export_all --help
> ethereumetl export_all -s 0 -e 5999999 -b 100000 -p file://$HOME/Library/Ethereum/geth.ipc -o output

In case ethereumetl command is not available in PATH, use python3 -m ethereumetl instead.

The result will be in the output subdirectory, partitioned in Hive style:


Should work with geth and parity, on Linux, Mac, Windows. If you use Parity you should disable warp mode with --no-warp option because warp mode does not place all of the block or receipt data into the database https://wiki.parity.io/Getting-Synced

If you see weird behavior, e.g. wrong number of rows in the CSV files or corrupted files, check out this issue: https://github.com/medvedev1088/ethereum-etl/issues/28

Export in 2 Hours

You can use AWS Auto Scaling and Data Pipeline to reduce the exporting time to a few hours. Read this article for details.